Monday, July 7, 2008

Walkcycle Buddy - Animation Workflow Script

Here's a little script that swaps the positions of two controllers to make setting up walkcycles quicker. Thanks to Per Anders over on CGTalk for helping me with the nuts'n'bolts of this code.

Of course you could just do this by manually copying and pasting the values but where's the fun in that?!

You can see a short demo of the script in use here.
Download the script here.

Hope you find it useful,


Jasper said...

Does it also work on the arm controllers?

Horganovski said...

Yes, it should work ok on IK arm controllers too, the script assumes that the controllers are aligned in the default world axis, ie. the character is facing in the -Z direction.

Daantjuh44 said...

Thats seems like it will quicken making walkcycles !

Nice job !

joe said...

Hi man, thanks for share. where is the script icon?

Horganovski said...

Hi Joe, oops..I had uploaded an earlier version of the script that didn't have the icon built in, I've uploaded the newer one now, you might have to empty your browser cache and then re-download it. Once installed the icon should show up in the script manager so you can drag it into a layout.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brian, thank you very much!

Joe said...

6th floor is me :) oops~