Monday, July 7, 2008

Gramps - Free Cinema 4D Rig

Here's a Cinema 4D rig I built a while back. This is rigged using Cactus Dans' character plugins.
The model was created by C4DCafe member Randy Webb and after I rigged it we made it available for download on Randy's website. This site seems to be offline at the moment so I thought I'd make the rig available here if anyone wants to use it.
It's got a couple of nice features (if I say so myself!) like an 'auto step' attribute for the feet and full IK/FK blending on the arms with slider controls to give predictable FK rotations. I made a short video demonstrating some of these features that you can download here.

You can download the rig itself here.

You can also see Gramps getting his groove on in a short animation I made here.

I hope you have fun with Gramps, if you make any animations with him be sure to post a link here as I'd love to see them.


Update Dec 09 - Due to limited time available to update this blog I have decided to move all the files to my website instead. If you are a user of Maxons' Cinema 4D you'll find some handy scripts, scene files and character rigging tutorials . You can find them here -
There's not a whole lot of stuff there yet but I'm adding more to it as I get time so watch this space!

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